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Millie Ruiz-Kingren

Millie Ruiz-Kingren

Co-Founder & CEO

Millie began her logistics career in 1984 with World Courier where she worked her way up to the role of International Manager of Customer Service. During this time, she focused on finding creative solutions for customers, which is a skill that carried forward into the rest of her career.

After becoming established in the field of logistics, she joined Quick International in 1997 as an integral part of the team tasked with developing and launching the QuickSTAT Division. As part of this team, Millie was able to be instrumental in creating foundational tools and procedures to promote company growth.

A few years later, Millie accepted the challenging opportunity to work with the team starting the Life Sciences Division for Marken. There, she coordinated the logistics of lifesaving organs, samples, and pharmaceuticals for international clinical trials.

Her valuable experience at each of these companies paved the way for her role in becoming a co-founder and leader of Optimize Courier in 2010. With this move, Millie created a team dedicated to her belief that it is possible to achieve transparency, excellence, and fair pricing in logistics.

Millie feels grateful to have been involved in shaping the industry over the past 35 years and is excited to use her experience to lead Optimize in continuing to set a new standard in the specialty logistics industry.

Artie Kingren

Artie Kingren

Co-Founder & COO

After four years of military service, Artie began his logistics career at World Courier. During his 17 years with World Courier, he gained a reputation as a hands-on manager. He worked his way up to Director of North America Operations and was an integral part of the management team responsible for the creation of procedures and tools used to drive company growth.

In 1997, Artie was offered the opportunity by Quick International to create a team and form their QuickSTAT Division. As Vice President, he helped establish foundational procedures and an international network that would last for decades.

After leading the QuickSTAT team, Artie then moved to Marken where he started the Life Sciences Division. His leadership helped change the corporate focus from a fashion and media courier to a global leader in biopharm and clinical trial logistics.

His three decades of logistics experience prepared him to take on the role of co-founder and a leader of Optimize Courier in 2010. His vision shapes the mission of OPTIMIZE: provide innovative transportation solutions for some of the leading biotechnology, automotive, aerospace, and hi-tech industries worldwide.

OPTIMIZE goes the extra mile every day to ensure that you receive the highest
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